NetApp vSphere Plugin Framework error during upgrade to VSC 4.0

During an upgrade to the Virtual Storage Console 4.0 (from VSC 2.1.1) the following error occured: “The NetApp vSphere Plugin Framework service could not be started. A service specific error occured: 1.” Later on it was not possible to start…
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NetApp VSC 4.0 Optimization and Migration Tool and the magic of “optimized datastores” (to align VMs online)

After installing VSC 4.0 and scanning my LUNs with the “Optimization and Migration Scan Manager” I wondered why all my VMFS 5.54 LUNs appeared as “not optimized”. So I did some research in the NetApp documentations and communities to find…
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How to – Reclaim Dead Space from Thin Provisioned VMFS Datastores

If you use thin provisioned VMFS datastores you will maybe face the problem that unused space on the storage is not released automatically when you delete or migrate a virtual machine. For example: A virtual machine is migrated from one…
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