How to – clear or reset a HP Server Gen9 NVRAM using System Maintenance Switch on the system board

In case of POST errors and boot issues due to incorrect BIOS values initialization it might be necessary to clear/reset the CMOS and NVRAM of your HP Server Gen9.

You can do this in three different ways:

  • using the System Maintenance Switch on the system board
  • using Intelligent Provisioning
  • using the ROM-Based Setup Utility

This How-to describes, how to clear the CMOS and NVRAM using the System Maintenance Switch on the system board:

  • power down the server
  • disconnect the power plugs
  • open the server

Now you have to identify the system maintenance switch:

At the server cover you can find a plan to locate the switch:


Now change position 6 of the system maintenance switch from the default position “off” to “on”:


  • connect the power plugs and power up the server

The following message will be displayed:

Maintenance switch detected in the ON position. The system is being default configured. This may take a few minutes… Power off the server and toggle the maintenance switch to the OFF position.


  • shut down the server and disconnect the power plugs
  • change position 6 back to “off”
  • connect the power plugs and power up the server


  1. Paolo

    Very well documented – great job!

  2. kimsjacks

    Thank you. Its a very tricky error.

  3. Darthvikes

    Nice! Thanks! Fixed a missing Intelligent Provisioning F10 option with this.

  4. Bonchon44

    This also helps when HP ships you gen 9 systems and the USB ports are disabled. Use the dip switch and reset the default mode. Then the USB ports will work for the mouse again. from that point you can set the iLO’s & BMC for the network.

  5. Bonchon44

    & keyboard. Forget to add keyboard. The most important USB device when configuring systems.

  6. Abhi

    I have same problem and applied this methid but it is still same with same error.
    Even cleared cmos and nvram .
    Plz help if any one knows

  7. Altus300

    I have HP 440 G6 I forgot my password and tried boot from USB but F10 key dosen’t work
    Any Help me pls
    Thank you

  8. Dk3000

    Thanks. Restored F10 (IP) for me also.

  9. Jay

    I have a problem with my hpe proliant dl20 gen 9. When i press pwr on, there is a notif “the system is being default configured, this may take few minutes…
    When complete,the system will automatically power cycled”. Just it. Nothing else. I cant do anything at this time,approximately after a min the power button show stand by color. A solid amber. It repeadtly until my finger tired to try on it. Please help. Many thanks.

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