HPE DL380 Gen9 “Starting drivers Please wait” after deploying BIOS P89 v2.40 (SPP 2017/04)

After deploying BIOS P89 v2.40 (02/17/2017) and/or ILO Firmware 2.50 (09/23/2016) an HP DL380 Gen9 Server stops during early BIOS boot sequence at the following message:

“Starting drivers. Please wait, this may take a few moments…”

HPE DL380 Gen9 starting drivers
Note: BIOS P89 v.2.40 is part of the HPE SPP from April 2017 (SPP 04/2017)

It seems, that there is a problem when you install BIOS B89 v2.40 in combination with the ILO Firmware v2.50. A possible workaround is to downgrade the ILO Firmware to Version 2.40.


  • download ILO Firmware v2.40 (1 Apr 2016) -> cp027575.exe
  • extract the content of cp027575.exe to C:\temp
  • connect to the ILO of the affected host
  • go to “Administration” – “Firmware”

FW ILO Upgrade HPE Server

  • select the file “ilo4_240.bin” from C:\temp

ILO4 2.40 BIN

  • click “Upload” to start the downgrade
  • Done!

When done, please check that you use the following combination: BIOS P89 v2.40 (02/17/2017) with ILO Firmware v2.40 (04/01/2016)

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  1. Epi

    Had same issue with previous version of bios that came with SPP 2016.10
    Solution was to change the storage option in the Bios from the default “Scan all targets” to “Scan Configured Targets only” prior to the update.

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