How to upgrade vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 to Update 1b

It’s ime to upgrade my vCenter Server Appliance from vSphere 6.7 to Update 1b. This is a quick walkthrough to give you an idea of the necessary steps. If you plan the upgrade for your production prepare it carefully!


Login to the VCSA Appliance Management UI:

  • open a webbrowser to: IP_address:5480
    login using your credentials
    check the summary page to view the actual version/build:
vcsa 6.7 build number
  • change to the “Update” tab to display the available updates
    select the desired version eg. (= version 6.7 Update 1b) and expand the update information by clicking “>”

Note: Updates and patches are cumulative. The most recent update or patch in the table will contain all previous patches.

update to vcsa 6.7 u1b
  • run the “Pre-Update Check” (blue link)

Note: if the check fails with the error: Appliance (OS) root password expired, and you are not able to change it in the GUI, follow VMware KB 2147144 to reset the password

You can choose between two options:

Stage only (and install it later)
Stage and Install (perform both steps)

Before the installation process begins, a wizard comes up. Click through the following steps:

.) End user license agreement
.) Join CEIP
.) Backup vCenter Server

Click “Finish” to start the installation:

start installation of vcsa 6.7 u1b

The uprade proccess wil take some minutes to complete:

installation succeeded of vcsa 6.7

Check you system and delete the snapshot (if you made one…). Your system is now up2date!

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