How to – configure a Veeam Backup Copy Job from a Backup Copy Job

Have you ever asked yourself if it is possible to configure a Veeam Backup Copy Job (BCJ) from a BCJ? A scenario that looks like this:

The answer is yes, it is possible!

Just create a new (second) Backup Copy Job, define a name and go to step 2 in the wizard (Objects)

Click “Add” and select the backup data that you want to copy (probably the same data as already used in Backup Copy Job 1).

Then select “Source” on the right. In the new opened window you can now define a source repository from which the job should obtain the data:

backup copy job from backup copy job veeam

In the next step (Target) define Backup Repository 3 as the target. After successfully finishing the wizzard the new created backup copy job will use the Backup Repository 2 as data source!

That’s it!


  1. StoneFlyMan

    Good and simple tutorial to configure Veeam backup jobs from backup job copy. Some people just expand a simple 3 step process and make things complex. Good Job

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