VMworld 2019 US – all parties, gatherings, events and activities

VMworld 2019 is around the corner and so it is time to plan your evenings. Many events will take place and preparation is a must.

Important: please do only register for events you really plan to attend! Organizing such an activity is a lot of work and costs many $$$. Beside that you may block a seat somebody else is really looking for.

If an event is missing please leave a comment or ping me on Twitter (@lessi001).

Last Partylist update: August, 10th 2019

Manfred Hofer over at http://www.vbrain.info will maintain a list of parties and events for VMworld 2019, too. So check it out! Maybe he knows from a party that is missing here.


  1. Valdecir Carvalho - Homelaber

    Is it me or there are fewer parties this year?

  2. Mart

    any idea when the barcelona list is comming?

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