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Selecting or browsing a datastore results in a “com.vmware.sps.fault.QSConnectionException” error

If you get a “com.vmware.sps.fault.QsConnectionException” error when selecting/browsing a datastore, check the services mentioned below: VMware Profile Driven Storage Service VMware Inventory Service This error occures when one or both of the following services are not running. Connect to your vCenter Server, run…
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vCenter Server permissions to modify virtual machine network settings

You think you have set all permissions to allow a vCenter User to change/modify the network settings of a virtual machine, but you still get the  following error: “This host does not have any virtual machine networks, or you don’t…
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Bug: Purple Screen of Death caused by E1000 adapters and RSS (Receive Side Scaling)

If you are using E1000 adapters in your virtual machines, you should take a look at KB 2059053. If the operating system is using RSS (Receive Side Scaling, practically all operating systems since Vista are using it) it is possible…
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