If you are visiting VMworld 2014 in San Francisco with your partner, family or friends, you should take a look at the Spousetivities.

Since 2008 Scott Lowes wife Crystal (@crystal_lowe) is organizing these great activities for your family & friends. So they can have a great time, while you are attending/enjoying the conference.

Information about the activities and registration is possible here: Spousetivities at VMworld 2014 San Francisco

Activities available this year are for example:

  • Get to know you breakfast
  • Kayaking on the Russian River
  • Mission Street food tour
  • Wine tour
  • Whale watching

As these spouse activities are only possible with sponsors, you can help to give them something back for their generosity. Visit their booth or follow them at Twitter or Facebook:

Origami Owl
The Virtualization Practice
Wine Shop at Home
VMware NSX

If you want to identify the physical NIC which matches up to the virtual NIC in your ESXi Host, you can use Ethtool.

Just fire the following command on your ESXi host to make the physical NIC blinking:

ethtool -p <devicename> <time-in-seconds>

eg. to make vmnic0 blink for 60 seconds use:

ethtool -p vmnic0 60


By the way, to list the status of your pNICs in your ESXi host use:

esxcfg-nics -l

… and you will get an output similar to this:


In little more than a month VMworld 2014 US will take place in San Francisco – and two month later VMworld Europe.

If you still have no ticket for the show (like me…) you can try your luck and win one:


Chance One:

Simplivity is giving out two free passes to VMworld – you can choose if you want to attend the show in San Francisco or in Barcelona. But the lucky winner gets more than a ticket to the show – he also gets a travel stipend up to 2.000  US-$!!!

You can enter to win here: Simplivity VMworld 2014 Ticket Sweepstakes

And do not forget to follow Simplivity at Twitter:  @SimplivityCorp 


Chance Two:

Coho Data gives you the chance to win a full conference pass to VMworld San Francisco and other great prices. To enter just register here: Win a free pass to VMworld 2014

To follow Coho Data at Twitter: @CohoData


Chance Three:

Infino gives you the chance to win, too. Beside many great prices you have the chance to win the first price – a full conference pass to VMworld US!

To enter register here: Infinio – Free pass to VMworld

To follow Infinio at Twitter: @Infinio


Chance Four:

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service — Disaster Recovery Quiz

Answer a few questions on vCloud Hybrid Service — Disaster Recovery and win a ticket to VMworld 2014! Here you can sign up to the quiz: vmwaredrchallenge.com

The challenge starts on July 10th, and runs through the following dates:

  • Quiz 1: July 10 through July 17
  • Quiz 2: July 18 through July 25
  • Quiz 3: July 26 through August 4

To follow  at Twitter: @vCloud

After deploying a Server 2012 R2 from a template, the VMware guest customization (sysprep) fails to start.

In the events (vSphere Web Client 5.5/VM/Monitor/Events) of the new deployed VM I found the following error:

“An error occurred while customizing <VM>. Customization log located at C:\Windows\Temp\vmware-imc\ <NO LOG> in the guest OS.”

Unfortunately there was really no log in the given path…

As I have used the template several times before, I checked the history of the template. Beside a number of new windows patches the last change was an upgrade of the VMware Tools.

So I decided to uninstall the VMware tools and install them completely new.

Et voila – after this the guest customization was working as expected!