vBlog Database

The number of vBlogs is increasing rapidly over the last years. Every month new vBlogs are born, but at the same time many are abandoned.

To help you maintain an overview, I have created a vBlog Database containing information about the blog and the author(s).

Based on this data it is now also possible to create interesting diagrams about the vBlog Universe.

At the moment the vBlog Database contains the following data sets:

Blog Name of the author/blog
Blog URL URL to Blog/Website
Rank 2014 Top vBlog 2014 rank result (hidden)
Rank 2015 Top vBlog 2015 rank result (hidden)
Rank 2016 Top vBlog 2016 rank result (hidden)
Rank 2017 Top vBlog 2017 rank result (hidden)
Blog posts 2014 Number of blog posts published in 2014
Blog posts 2015 Number of blog posts published in 2015
Blog posts 2016 Number of blog posts published in 2016
Blog posts 2017 Number of blog posts published in 2017 (coming soon)
Country home country of the author(s)
Twitter Twitter handle of the author(s)
Team/single is blog written by a single person or a team
Page Rank 01/2016(legacy) Google Page Rank (hidden)
Alexa Global Ranking 01/2016 Global Ranking 2016 using Alexa Data (hidden)
Alexa Global Ranking 2017 Global Ranking 2017 using Alexa Data (per 1/1/2017)
Alexa Global Ranking 2018 Global Ranking 2018 using Alexa Data (per 31/1/2017)

I was able to collect a lot of data, but some fields are still empty or are maybe containing wrong/outdated data.

So if you feel that something is missing or wrong, please use the Suggest a blog/change request” link.

You can find it in the upper right of the “vBlog by the numbers” window or just leave a comment.
Of course I will update the provided information as soon as possible.

Actually some columns are hidden for different reasons. I will insert them maybe sometime.

Interested about the vBlog Database content?

vBlog DatabaseCheck it out now:

vBlog Database (vBlog by the numbers)



Interested about the diagrams?

They are created dynamically – so they will change with every update:

vBlog Database diagrams

You are a vBlogger, too?

I would be pleased if you can provide a backlink to the vBlog database from your blog. Of course you can use the logo if you want, too.