#VMworld Europe – what a journey!

In the Keynote of VMworld Europe 2014 Maurizio Carli announced, that a new record in attendees was set.

About 9000 attendees travelled to Barcelona to hear more about the visions and new products of VMware and the industry.

It was in 2008 when the first VMworld took place in Europe. This first european event was situated in Cannes, France and about 4500 people participated.

Over the years the show went bigger and bigger – maybe you can remember the themes:

VMworld2008     2008 Cannes, France – 4500 attendees

VMworld2009     2009 Cannes, France – 4700 attendees

VMworld2010     2010 Copenhagen, Denmark – 6000 attendees

VMworld2011 2011 Copenhagen, Denmark – 6500 attendees

VMworld2012     2012 Barcelona, Spain – 7000 attendees

VMworld2013    2013, Barcelona, Spain – 8000 attendees

VMworld2014 2014, Barcelona, Spain – 9000 attendees

VMworld2015 2015, Barcelona, Spain – 10.000 attendees





2016, Barcelona, Spain


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