How to forcibly stop a dedicated Veeam job stuck in „stopping“ status

It may happen that a Veeam Backup Job stucks in “stopping” status.  If you search for a resolution you will stumble upon Veeam KB 1727.

Unfortunately, the provided solution will terminate ALL jobs and restores.

But how do you terminate a dedicated Veeam job stuck in “stopping” status?

Before you start please note:
Some jobs may take some time to stop, please allow up to 60 minutes for a job to stop before terminating it.

How to terminate a dedicated job:

First, find out the ID of the job you want to terminate:

  • right-click the job in your „Veeam Backup and Replication Console“ and select „Edit“
  • change to „Summary“
  • write down the ID mentioned in the command line to start the job on the backup server:

terminate dedicated veeam job stuck in stopping state

  • open the Task Manager on your Veeam Backup & Replication Server
  • change to „Processes“
  • right-click in the header of the processes and select „Command Line“ to be displayed
  • search for the command line with the ID worked out the step before
  • right-click the said command line and select „End Task“ to terminate the process:

terminate dedicated veeam job stuck in stopping status

  • Done!

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  1. Habibalby

    Thank you very much, my backup job stays for almost 84 hours and other jobs are running fine. and since both drives are occupied, many back to tapes job start timing out due to the second job occupied by the job which was stuck backing up small small bits for files.

    Killing the job process, and stop the job using Stop-VBRJob “Job Name” allowed to free the occupied tape drive.


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