How to forcibly stop a dedicated Veeam job stuck in „stopping“ status

It may happen that a Veeam Backup Job stucks in “stopping” status.  If you search for a resolution you will stumble upon Veeam KB 1727.

Unfortunately, the provided solution will terminate ALL jobs and restores.

But how do you terminate a dedicated Veeam job stuck in “stopping” status?

Before you start please note:
Some jobs may take some time to stop, please allow up to 60 minutes for a job to stop before terminating it.

How to terminate a dedicated job:

First, find out the ID of the job you want to terminate:

  • right-click the job in your „Veeam Backup and Replication Console“ and select „Edit“
  • change to „Summary“
  • write down the ID mentioned in the command line to start the job on the backup server:

terminate dedicated veeam job stuck in stopping state

  • open the Task Manager on your Veeam Backup & Replication Server
  • change to „Processes“
  • right-click in the header of the processes and select „Command Line“ to be displayed
  • search for the command line with the ID worked out the step before
  • right-click the said command line and select „End Task“ to terminate the process:

terminate dedicated veeam job stuck in stopping status

  • Done!

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  1. MRa

    Great way to fix a stale Job, without interrupting anything else on the machine. Works exactly like in the article and way quicker than . Thank you!

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