VMworld 2015 Barcelona, Thursday wrap up

We started the day with a short-term arranged vBreakfast. As it was really short-term arranged (we got the idea five or six hours before…) we were only three persons (Manfred Hofer, Abdullah and me) in the Restaurant La Vid, to the delight of a very tired waiter.

After coffee and sandwiches we headed to the venue to dive into the last day of VMworld 2015.

My plan for the day was to attend some sessions and of course spend some time in the Solutions Exchange and the Hang Space.

I was scheduled for two sessions this thursday:
VAPP5598 – Advanced SQL Server on vSphere
STO5888 – Top 10 Thing you MUST know before implementing Virtual Volumes (VVols)

They were really interesting, especially the first one as I have to deal with this topic in my everyday work. By the way, both sessions are already available online for free (list with more VMworld 2015 sessions on YouTube):

As it was the last day of VMworld it was also time to grab some swag. So I spend some time in the Solutions Exchange to check out some booths.

At four o’clock it was time to say goodby to Fred, who has to fly home later that day.

I and some others have booked a flight at Friday morning, so we made a plan for the last evening in this great city.

We decided to go out for dinner in an Argentinian Steakhouse.

The restaurant was an insider tip of the Airbnb landlady of one of our colleagues. We had a great evening with excellent food and pleasant conversations in the “Restaurante Gauchitos Grill“.

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