Virtualization Blogs 2014 by the numbers

vblogsbythenumbersStarting 2015 staying in bed with fever, I had a lot of time to read in the Planet v12n stream.

There I stumpled over a blog post of one of my favourite bloggers, Maish Saidel-Keesing (@maishsk): “How did 2014 turn out for you“.

In the first sentence he is thinking about a very interesting question:

60 Blog posts in a 2014 – sometimes I don’t understand how that happens. Is that a lot? A little?

I wrote a simular number of blog posts in 2014, and I know how much dedication, time and effort is necessary for this. But I also know, that the number of blog posts has nothing to do with quality. I think that good blogs are based on the elements quality, frequency, length and longevity.

Nevertheless I was very interested in the number of blog posts the fellow vBloggers published in 2014… and I had a lot of time at this day 🙂

I used the blogs listed in Eric Siebert’s (@ericsiebertvLaunchPad as a basis for my analysis – so I had to evaluate 300 blogs.

If you find something incorrect please tell me – I will correct it as soon as possible. For a handful blogs the numbers are missing (you find these blogs at the bottom of the list). The reasons for this are designs/themes that made it impossible to count or there was simply no date specified with the articles.

A “0” (zero) means that there were no published articles in 2014 or the blog is not exisiting anymore.

Have fun with the stats – it is exciting how productive the vCommunity was in 2014:

  • the listed blogs published 10.834 posts in 2014
  • 57 blogs published more than 51 posts (=1+ posts per week)
  • 28 blogs published more than 100 posts
  • 6 blogs published more than 200 posts
  • 4 blogs created more than 300 posts

Another interesting number: the Top 100 vBlogs produced as much posts as the rest (200 blogs) together.

Here you can find the detailed numbers:

TopBlog #Website/BlogURL to site# of posts 2014
GestaltIT (Various)gestaltit.com395
15ESX Virtualization (Vladan Seget)vladan.fr326
The Virtualization Practice (Various)virtualizationpractice.com305
33Brian Maddenbrianmadden.com301 (Eric Sloof)ntpro.nl263
29vInfrastructure Blog (Andrew Mauro)vinfrastructure.it211
VirtXpert (Jonathan Frappier)virtxpert.com184
Cosonok's IT Blog (David Cookson)cosonok.blogspot.com173
72UP2V (Marcel van den Berg)up2v.nl163
27Professional VMware (Cody Bunch)professionalvmware.com160
Virtually Speaking (Dan Kusnetzky)blogs.zdnet.comvirtualization158
1Yellow Bricks (Duncan Epping)yellow-bricks.com143
Notes from MWhite (Michael White)notesfrommwhite.net138
99Virtualization Software (Davis/Lowe)virtualizationsoftware.com137
2Virtually Ghetto (William Lam)virtuallyghetto.com133
8Wahl Network (Chris Wahl)wahlnetwork.com131
VCDX133 (Rene Van Den Bedem)vcdx133.com128
Unix Arena (Lingeswaran)unixarena.com125 (Various)vmguru.nl124
10Mike Laverickmikelaverick.com121
TinkerTry (Paul Braren)tinkertry.com118
18VCDX56 (Magnus Andersson)vcdx56.com117
Build Virtual (Ian Walker)buildvirtual.net113
vCloudnine (Patrick Terlisten)vcloudnine.de107
61VMware Arena (Mohammed Raffic)vmwarearena.com104
Virtualization Spotlight (P. Redknap)virtualization-spotlight.com101
49DiscoPosse (Eric Wright)discoposse.com100 (Steve Flanders)sflanders.net100
14My Virtual Cloud (Andre Leibovici)myvirtualcloud.net94
4Cormac Hogancormachogan.com91
9Virtual Geek (Chad Sakac)virtualgeek.typepad.com89
Vroom Blog (Fouad El Akkad/Alban Lecorps)vroomblog.com88
Sean's IT Blog (Sean Massey)seanmassey.net87
Virtualized Geek (Keith Townsend)virtualizedgeek.com85
40The IT Hollow (Eric Shanks)theithollow.com85
47IT Blood Pressure (Dwayne Lessner)itbloodpressure.com80
13Long White Virtual Clouds (M. Webster)longwhiteclouds.com77
5Scott Lowe blogblog.scottlowe.org70
12Derek Seaman's Blogderekseaman.com69
69VMware Tips (Rick Scherer)vmwaretips.com69 (Florian Grehl)virten.net69
Running-System (Andreas Lesslhumer)running-system.com68
3Frank Denneman blogfrankdenneman.nl63
37Technodrone (Maish)technodrone.blogspot.com60
46Virtual To The Core (Luca Dell'Oca)virtualtothecore.com60
76StorageIO (Greg Schulz)storageioblog.com59
79Hans De Leenheerhansdeleenheer.com57
11vSphere-land (Eric Siebert)vsphere-land.com56
28vXpress (Sunny Dua)vxpresss.blogspot.in55
DefinIT (Sam McGeown/Simon Eady) (Viktor van den Berg)viktorious.nl55
77Default Reasoning (Marek Z)defaultreasoning.com54
Virtual Wiki (Christian Wickham)v-wiki.net53
Daily Hypervisor (Sid Smith)dailyhypervisor.com53
Virtualization is Life! (Anthony Spiteri)anthonyspiteri.net52 (Jonathan Medd)jonathanmedd.net52
21CloudXC (Josh Odgers)joshodgers.com51
56Tom Fojta's Blogfojta.wordpress.com51
91Planet VM (Tom Howarth)planetvm.net49
Blog VMware (Leandro Ariel Leonhardt)blogvmware.com49
20mwpreston dot net (Mike Preston)mwpreston.net48
26Chris Colotti's Blogchriscolotti.us48
98Virtual Blog (David Hill)virtual-blog.com48
The Eager Zero (Michael Stump)eager0.com47
VSpecialist (Michael Poore)
Virtualization Team (Eiad Al-Aqqad)virtualizationteam.com46
VMwareAndME (Santosh Suryawanshi)vmwareandme.com45
92vTricks (Patrick Schulz)vtricks.com43
81vPirate (Abhilash HB)vpirate.in41
Everything Should Be Virtual (Larry Smith)everythingshouldbevirtual.com41
Jason Gaudreau's Blogjasongaudreau.com41
vCloud Info (Carlo Costanzo)vmwareinfo.com41
vHersey (Hersey Cartwright)vhersey.com41
87VMware and Veeam Blog (Karel Novak)vmware-veeam.cz40
Tecnologías Aplicadas (Patricio Cerda)patriciocerda.com40
16Kendrick Colemankendrickcoleman.com39
Joseph Griffithsblog.jgriffiths.org39
vByron (Byron Schaller)vbyron.comblog39
Virtually Benevolent (Michael Stanclift)vmstan.com39
54Stephen Foskett, Pack Ratfosketts.net39
43vNinja (Christian Mohn)vninja.net38
Pascal's Wereld (Pascal Heldoorn)pascalswereld.nl38
Snow VM Bog (Rene Bos)snowvm.com38
53VMware Front Experience (A. Peetz)v-front.blogspot.com37
55WoodITWork (Julian Wood)wooditwork.com37
Infotech Consulting Blog (Yendis Lambert)
35Pure Storage Guy (Vaughn Stewart)purestorageguy.com35
42VMFocus (Craig Kilborn)vmfocus.com35
Ivo Beerensivobeerens.nl35
Virtualised Reality (Barry Coombs)virtualisedreality.com35
Virtualized Brain (Manfred Hofer)vbrain.info35
73Virtualize Tips (Brian Suhr)virtualizetips.com34
M80ARM - Virt. Warrior (M. Armstrong)
39Punching Clouds (Rawlinson)punchingclouds.com33
70vClouds (Marco Broeken)vclouds.nl32
89SOS Tech (Josh Andrews)sostech.wordpress.com32
95Proudest Monkey (Grant Orchard)grantorchard.com32
rsts11 (Robert Novak)rsts11.wordpress.com32
Virtualize Planet (Ricky El-Qasem)read.virtualizeplanet.com32
Ather Beg's Useful Thoughts (Ather Beg)atherbeg.com31
Techazine (Philip Sellers)techazine.com31
60The Saffa Geek (Gregg Robertson)thesaffageek.wordpress.com30
71Mike Tabormiketabor.com29
94Ravi IT Blog (Ravi Kumar)raviitblog.com29 (Sander Daems)blog.vmpros.nl29
Messaging-Virtualization (A. Pogosyan)virtualizemydc.ca28
Tekhead (Alex Galbraith)tekhead.orgblog28
45Justin's IT Blogjpaul.me27
58Perfect Cloud (Rasmus Haslund)perfectcloud.org27
Net Tweets (Mehdi Kianpour)nettweets.com27
vCrumbs (Josh Sims)vcrumbs.com27
Virtual Patel (Manish Patel)virtualpatel.blogspot.com27
VMnick (Nick Fritsch)vmnick.com27
Cloud Fix (Various)cloudfix.n26
Virtual Lifestyle (Joep Piscaer)virtuallifestyle.nl26
Virtual Noob (Chad King)virtualnoob.wordpress.com26
VMwaretv (Cahit Yolacan)vmwaretv.com26 (Roy Mikes)mikes.eu25
88Paul Meehanpaulpmeehan.com25
93Demitasse (Alastair Cooke) (Jason Shiplett)blog.shiplett.org25
Virtual Red-dot (Iwan Rahabok)virtual-red-dot.info25
97My Virtual Vision (Kees Baggerman)myvirtualvision.com24 (Filip Verloy)filipv.net24
VMware Admins (Eric Sarakaitis)vmwareadmins.com24
Aravind Sivaramanaravindsivaraman.com23
David Stamendavidstamen.com23
The Virtual Way (Francesco Bonetti)thevirtualway.iten23
VirtualementVotre (Cedric Megroz)virtualementvotre.chblog23
23Datacenter Dude (Nick Howell)datacenterdude.com22
63vHorizon (Dale Scriven)
Marco Polblog.mrpol.nl22
NutzandBolts (Mark Jones)nutzandbolts.wordpress.com22
7Virtu-al (Alan Renouf)virtu-al.net21
Craig Waterscraigwaters.org21
doOdzZZ's Notes (Abdullah Abdullah)notes.doodzzz.net21
The Odd Angry Shot (Andrew Dauncey)theoddangryshot.com21
vCO Flow (Simon Sparks)
vSamurai (Christopher Wells)vsamurai.com21
Come Lo Feci (Pietro Aiolfi)comelofeci.com20
VMexplorer (Matt Mancini)vmexplorer.wordpress.comblog-posts20
yoyoclouds (Yohan Wadia)yoyoclouds.com20
84I'm all Virtual (Lior Kamrat)imallvirtual.com19
Amit's Technology Blog (Amit Panchal)apanchal.com19
By The Bell (Steve Kaplan)bythebell.com19 (Simon Gallagher)vinf.net19
vNelsonTX (Brian Nelson)vnelsontx.com19
vWilmo (Geoff Wilmington)vwilmo.wordpress.com19
57TechHead (Simon Seagrave)techhead.co18
Go SDDC! (Fabio Rapposelli)gosddc.com18
Nigel Hickeynigelhickey.com18 (Arjan Timmerman)vdicloud.nl18
19Virtualization Evangelist (Jason Boche)boche.net17
52vCO Teamvcoteam.info17
82vElemental (Clint Kitson)velemental.com17
V-Desktop (Colas Fabrice)v-desktop.fr17
VMware Training & Certification (S. Vessey)vmwaretraining.blogspot.com17
Adventures in a Virtual World (P.Grevink)paulgrevink.wordpress.com16
Burdweiser (James Burd)burdweiser.com16
Dervirtuellewirt (Daniel Baby)dervirtuellewirt.wordpress.com16
Horizon Flux (Tim Arenz)horizonflux.com16
View Yonder (Steve Chambers)viewyonder.com16
vLore Blog (John A. Davis)vloreblog.com16
50ValCo Labs (Josh Coen)valcolabs.com15
Elastic Sky (Paul McSharry)
Michael Ryommichaelryom.dk15
The Virtual Buddha (Linus Bourque)thevirtualbuddha.com15
Virtual Insanity (S. Sauer/A. Sweemer)virtualinsanity.com15
What Would Dan Do (Dan Brinkmann)blog.whatwoulddando.com15
Defined By Software (Various)definedbysoftware.com15
32vFrank (Frank Brix Pedersen)vfrank.org14
36Virtual Langer (Jason Langer)virtuallanger.com14
Blue Shift Blog (Kevin Kelling)blueshiftblog.com14
Empiric Virtualization (Joel Gibson)empiricvirtualization.com14
Stretch Cloud (Prasenjit Sarkar)stretch-cloud.info14
Tim's IT Blog (Tim Smith)tsmith.co14
Virtual GeekCH (Various)virtualgeek.chblog14
Virtual Management (Marco Giuricin)vmgmt.wordpress.com14
Virtually Mike Brown (Mike Brown)virtuallymikebrown.com14
vNoob (Conrad Ramos)vnoob.com14
vReality (Tomi Hakala)v-reality.info14
vWired (Seb Hakiel)
412 VCP's (Jon Owings)2vcps.com13
Common Denial (Erin K. Banks)commondenial.com13
I wish I could be a VM (Benjamin Ulsamer)benjaminulsamer.wordpress.com13
Blue Gears (Edward Haletky)
Juanma's Blog (Juan Manuel)jreypo.wordpress.com12
Vdsyn (Ayan Nath)vdsyn.com12
Virtual Bits & Bytes (Niels Engelen)foonet.be12
Virtually Everything (Phillip Jones)p2vme.com12
VM Trooper (Trevor Roberts)vmtrooper.com12
VM-Ice (Larus Hjartarson)vmice.wordpress.com12
25Erik Bussinkbussink.ch11
38vReference (Forbes Guthrie)vreference.com11
67vTesseract (Josh Atwell)vtesseract.com11
80MyVirtuaLife.Net (Andrea Casini)myvirtualife.net11
85vExperienced (Edward Grigson)
Everything Virtual (Simon Davies)everything-virtual.com11
Gert Kjerslevgertkjerslev.com11
ITuda (Lieven D'hoore)ituda.com11
Popping Clouds (Paul Fries)poppingclouds.com11
The Virtual Headline (Pete Del Rey)thevirtualheadline.com11
Tim's Virtual World (Tim Patterson)timsvirtualworld.com11 (Rogerio Goncalves)vchallenge.me11
Virtual Admin Notes (Anton Zhbankov)blog.vadmin.ru11
Virtual Jad (Jad El-Zein)virtualjad.com11
48The Lone Sysadmin (Bob Plankers)lonesysadmin.net10
Andi Mann –
Rob Steelerobsteele.co10
Virt for Service Providers (J. Dooley)blog.vmforsp.com10
VMBulletin (Rick Schlander)vmbulletin.com10
vmDK (Damian Karlson)damiankarlson.com10
VMnerds (Jeremie Brison)vmnerds.fr10
vTagion (Brian Graf)vtagion.com10
31IT 2.0 (Massimo Re Ferre)it20.info9
34Gabe's Virtual World (Gabe Van Zanten)gabesvirtualworld.com9
68vmPete (Pete Koehler)vmpete.com9
Everyday Virtualization (Rick Vanover)virtualizationreview.com9 (Mads Fog Albrechtslund)hazenet.dk9
Stu McHugh's Virtualisation Blogstumchugh.com9
Talking Tech With SHD (Scott Davis)talkingtechwithshd.com9
The Data Center Overlords (Tony Bourke)datacenteroverlords.com9
Thinking Loud on Cloud (Samir Roshan)thinkingloudoncloud.com9
vDestination (Greg Stuart)vdestination.com9
Virtual Stace (Stacy Carter)virtualstace.com9
VirtuallyLG (Lorenzo Galelli)virtuallylg.wordpress.com9
vPourchet (Valentin Pourchet)vpourchet.com9
Gerbens Blog (G. Kloosterman)blog.virtualarchitect.nl8
Jase's Place (Jase McCarty)jasemccarty.comblog8
Null Byte (Antti Hurme)null-byte.org8
vMackem (David Owen)
59The SLOG (Simon Long)
Keith Norbie Virtual Ideaskeithnorbie.wordpress.com7
Rickatron Blog (Rick Vanover)rickvanover.wordpress.com7
The VM Guy (Dave Lawrence)vmguy.comwordpress7
Virtual Potholes (AJ Kuftic)virtualpotholes.com7
Virtualization Information (S. Snowden)virtualizationinformation.com7
17LucD (Luc Dekens)lucd.info6
22A vTexan (Tommy Trogden)vtexan.com6
66Chris Wolf blogchriswolf.com6
74VCritical (Eric Gray)vcritical.com6
75vSential (James Bowling)vsential.com6
100Aaron Delp Blogblog.aarondelp.com6
I'm Tellin' Ya Now! (Mike Foley)yelof.com6
Phil the Virtualizer (Philip Ditzel)philthevirtualizer.com6
The Lower Case W (Matt Liebowitz)thelowercasew.com6
Virtual Future (Sven Huisman)virtualfuture.info6
DeinosCloud (Didier Pironet)deinoscloud.wordpress.com5
How 2 VM (Aram Avetisyan)how2vm.com5
Rational Survivability (Christofer Hoff)rationalsurvivability.comblog5
Rickard Nobelrickardnobel.se5 (Martijn Baecke)thinkcloud.nl5
Virtual Bacon (Peter Chang)virtualbacon.net5
Virtual VCP (Rynardt Spies)virtualvcp.com5
VMdamentals (Erik Zandboer)vmdamentals.com5
62Nickapedia (Nicholas Weaver)nickapedia.com4
Amitabh's Virtual World (Amitabh Dey)amitabh-vworld.com4
Eck Tech (Adam Eckerle)ecktech.me4
Matt Vogtblog.mattvogt.net4
Roger Lund IT/VMware Blog (Roger Lund)rogerlunditblog.blogspot.com4
Virtualization Matrix (Andreas Groth)virtualizationmatrix.com4
VM Dude (Frederic Martin)vmdude.fr4
VM Today (Joshua Townsend)vmtoday.com4
VMwarewolf (Richard Blythe)vmwarewolf.com4
Cloud Computing Infrastructure (B. Carter)billyc5022.blogspot.com3
Enterprise Admins (Brian Wuchner)enterpriseadmins.org3
vConsult (Duco Jaspars)blog.vconsult.nl3
Virtual Professional (Sven T.)virtpro.eu3
Virtualization Buster (J. Franconi)virtualizationbuster.com3
Virtualization Express (Karthic Kumar)virtualizationexpress.com3
VMAdmin (Fletcher Cocquyt)vmadmin.info3
64VMware Videos (David Davis)vmwarevideos.com2
96HyperVizor (Hany Michael)hypervizor.com2
Arnim van Lieshoutvan-lieshout.com2
Cloud-Buddy (Bilal Hashmi)cloud-buddy.com2
Knudt Blog (Brian Knudtson)knudt.netvblog2
Stuart Radnidgestu.radnidge.com2
The Solutions Architect (Michael Letschin)thesolutionsarchitect.net2
2 vGuys (Andrea de Gregorio)2vguys.com1 (Patrick Terlisten)blazilla.de1
Eprich (Paul Richards)eprich.com1
GeekSilver's Bloggeeksilver.wordpress.com1
Jume (Bouke Groenescheij)jume.nlblog1
Musings of Rodos (Rodney Haywood)rodos.haywood.org1
The Foglite (E. Rowe/A. Scorsone)thefoglite.com1
Virtualizing the D.C. (Tony Wilburn)tonywilburn.wordpress.com1
VM/ETC (Rich Brambley)vmetc.com1
86A Day In The Life (Adam Baum)itvirtuality.wordpress.com0
Virtuwise (Angelo Luciani)virtuwise.com0
90A Crazy Penguin (Andy Wood)acrazypenguin.com0
Virt ES ()virt.es0
44Around the Storage Block (Calvin Zito)Calvin Zito
83The Storage Architect (Chris Evans)
Cloud Jock (Todd Mace)
J Metz (J Michael Metz - Cisco)
The HyperAdvisor (Antone Heyward)
VM Admin (Andy Barnes)


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    Nice statistics… thanks for share it.
    But of course most important is the quality of the post (several top bloggers does not post so much, but with great post).

  2. adammary

    It would be nice to have a country based list of the vExperts. That way we can interact with other folks in the same country as well and include them in social interactions that are geography based.

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