Virtualization Blogs 2016 by the numbers

Since 2013 I maintain a database with various information of currently more than 500 virtualization blogs.

One integral part every January is to count the number of blog posts published over the past year.  This year I had to take a look at 503 blogs (one year before: 425 blogs) published by bloggers living in 37 different countries!

Number of vBlogs per country (worldwide):

(interactive map)

During the last years, a lot of new blogs were created. Unfortunately, many of them discontinued after a short time. And so the number of active blogs (=minimum one post published) decreased in 2016 from 454 to 408 blogs.

But not only the number of active blogs decreased. Also the number of published posts in total changed from 16.151 to 14.070 in 2016:

The next table presents the number of blogs in relation to the number of published blog posts for 2016.

In my opinion quality is more important than quantity.

But if you take a look at the numbers below you can see, that more than 50 percent of all listed blogs have published less than 10 blog posts during the last year. When checking the numbers for these blogs I had the feeling, that most of them will be marked as “abandoned” next year. And this is a pitty, because some of them contain really good and interesting posts.

If you are interested, you can find the exact post count for every single blog in the vBlog Database. The column “Blogposts 2016” is already available there beside many other facts like Twitter handle and country.

New this year is the value “Alexa Global Rank” per January 1st, 2017. The Alexa Global Rank is based on the traffic data provided by users that have Alexa toolbar installed, over a rolling three month periode (important parameters are eg. pageviews, unique visitors and reach). So you can see how your blog performs against others based on these factors.

At the “vBlog database Diagrams” page you can find more diagrams based on the data of the vBlog database.

Ideas for more diagrams or interesting values? Just leave a comment or contact me via Twitter: @lessi001

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