How to – determine if a VMware Tools ISO image on your ESXi host is corrupt

If you want to check if the VMware Tools ISO Image on one of your ESXi hosts is corrupt, perform the following steps.

A reason why you want to check your image is an error like this:

The required VMware Tools ISO image does not exist or is inaccessible.


  • open an SSH connection to your ESXi host
  • login as root (or as a user with root rights)
  • change to /vmimages/tools-isoimages

Check the md5sum for every .iso image with the following command:

md5sum xxxxxxx.iso

for example:

Now compare the md5sum output with other ESXi hosts of the same version where you have no problems with the VMware Tools.
Help – what can I do when the ISO Image is corrupt?

Just copy the the images from a working ESXi host of the same version to the ESXi host where the issue occures. You can use a tool like eg. WinSCP for this.

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