How to – add a second SCSI Controller to a virtual machine

Sometimes it is necessary to add a second SCSI Controller to a virtual machine.
For example, because you want to attach more than 15 disks to a virtual machine which is used as a backup proxy server.

How to… add a second SCSI controller to your virtual machine:

select the VM and click “Edit settings”
click “Add” – “Hard disk” (do not select SCSI device) and say “next”:


use the default “create a new virtual disk” and click “next”


as we just want to add a dummy-disk use a small disk size (eg: 1 GB) and click “next”


now take care: change the Virtual Device Node to SCSI 1:0 and click “next”


…finish the wizzard and click “OK” to add the new hard disk.

If you reopen the “edit settings” you will see the new hard disk and a SCSI controller 1:


But take care – if you remove the dummy disk, the second SCSI controller will be removed, too!

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  1. Abdul Mohsin

    I just wanted to add additional SCSCI controller to my existing RDM.
    Any workaround for that..

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