How to – blink a vmnic on your ESXi Host to identify the physical NIC

If you want to identify the physical NIC which matches up to the virtual NIC in your ESXi Host, you can use Ethtool.

Just fire the following command on your ESXi host to make the physical NIC blinking:

ethtool -p <devicename> <time-in-seconds>

eg. to make vmnic0 blink for 60 seconds use:

ethtool -p vmnic0 60


By the way, to list the status of your pNICs in your ESXi host use:

esxcfg-nics -l

… and you will get an output similar to this:



  1. Vladan

    Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing -:)

  2. Miguel Rodríguez

    Great feature!

    Here is a video that shows how it works (at 2:50 shows blink):

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