How to – remove an old (disabled) plugin from Plugin-Manager in your vCenter

You have uninstalled a product which has registered a plugin in your vCenter, but you still see the plugin in the Plug-in Manager (Status: disabled).

In this How-to the necessary steps will be shown using the “Tivoli Data Protection for VMware Plugin”:



To uninstall it manually,  proceed the following steps:

• open https://your_vCenter/mob and login

• select “Content”

• select “Extension Manager”


• Now copy the name of the plugin you want to remove (in this example the string: “”) and click “UnregisterExtension”:


• Insert the string copied before in the field “Value” and click “Invoke method”:


• Return to the previous page to check if the extension has been removed successfully. Then restart your vSphere Client and check if the plugin was removed in your Plugin-Manger, too.

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  1. Bjoern

    Thanks for posting this I have looked for this to get rid of the old VDP Plugin. Great way to do it over PowerCLI is described here:

    Because https://vcenter/mob didn’t worked for me, got “503 Service unavailable”, maybe because of vCenter 5.5?

    Best regards,

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