HP LeftHand OS Version 12.5 enhancement: Quorum Witness

Some days ago, HP released version 12.5 for it’s StoreVirtual platform (StoreVirtual 4000 storage/StoreVirtual VSA software).

This new version includes some enhancements (copy of the Release Note):

  • Two-node quorum, which allows for a Quorum Witness in a two-node configuration. The Status of Quorum Witness is displayed in the output of the getNSMInfo and getGroupInfo commands.
  • Support for iSCSI split network. Information about the split network (which network interface being used) is displayed in the getNSMInfo (NSM category) and getGroupInfo (NIC category) commands.
  • HP StoreVirtual VSA KVM for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 and CentOS 6.6
  • VMware vSphere 6.0 support for MEM
  • Support for SCVMM 2012 R2

The enhancement I was really looking forward is the Quorum Witness:

Beside the Virtual Manager and the Failover Manager (FOM) this is now another possiblity to configure a tiebreaker for a two node cluster.

The advantage of the Quorum Witness over the already existing tiebreaker is, that it does not require access to the iSCSI network (routing iSCSI traffic to a third location might be a problem).

The Quorum Witness only requires a NFS Version 3 fileshare that must be accessible by the two VSA Managers.

The share should have write permissions and a maximum latency of 300ms.

quorum witness

HP Store Virtual Storage 12.5 Ressources:

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