Journey into the past: p2v a Windows 2000 Server

Sometimes the past is catching up and you have to p2v an old Windows 2000 Server…

The best VMware Converter to p2v a Windows 2000 Server was in my opinion VMware Converter 3.0.3.

Unfortunately this version reached end of support in 2010 and it is not possible anymore to download it from the offical VMware Download Site.

This version had a second advantage, too – it was possible to conduct a cold clone. A great feature which is not available in the current versions.

So if you still own a copy of VMware Converter 3.0.3 keep it at a safe place.

If not you will have to ask google – or you try the following download link: download VMware Converter 3.0.3


  1. Andreas Peetz

    Hi Andreas,
    the latest version of Converter that officially supports Windows 2000 conversions is 4.0.1. It is still available and supported by VMware, and we used that version in a large P2V project few years ago without encountering any issues with Windows 2000 conversions (and we did quite a few of them). On the other hand I have seen the comment that Converter 3 works best for Windows 2000 several times before, but without providing any details.
    Can you elobarate on why Converter 4.01 would not work well with Windows 2000?
    – Andreas

  2. Andreas

    Hi Andreas,

    I have never said that 4.0.1 would not work well with Windows 2000 – I just said that 3.0.3 was the best converter for it in my opinion. The main reason for this is the possibility to use coldclone, which is not available any more in Converter 4.x.


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