Tool to analyze and optimize Windows 7 Desktops per VMware Best Practices

A new Fling from VMware Labs is available which might be interesting for everyone who uses Windows 7 Desktops with VMware Horizon View.

The tool is available at the VMware Labs Fling Page as a free download.

So what can you expect from VMware OS Optimization Tool for Windows 7:

The VMware OS Optimization tool (Optimization tool) helps to optimize the operating system and provides users with more optimized systems. The optimization tool adds value by increasing the system performance. Windows 7 has set of services that are enabled by default; the tool optimizes the system to increase performance by reducing the unnecessary processor usage, services, memory usage and the network usage.

Running the VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe you will see the following GUI:

When you select the “Templates” tab, you will see all settings which will be checked per VMware recommendations and best practices. Here you have the possibility to edit or add the settings/values.

Now you can change to the tab “Analyze” and click the Analyze-Button.

The tool needs only a few second to check your local system and it provides a clear overview of the results. To optimize your local system just use the “Optimize-Button”.

The Installation also includes the Remote OS Optimization Tool. This tool provides the possibility to connect to a remote VMware View broker to analyze and optimize remote template VMs.

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