If you prefer the GUI – give VisualEsxtop a try!

A new Fling from VMware Labs called VisualEsxtop is available.

VisualEsxtop is the graphical version of good old ESXTOP – for the guys who prefer a GUI over command-line.

At the moment VisualEsxtop is available in Version 1.0 – you can download it from the VMware Labs Fling page.

The installation is very easy and fast:

• download the binaries from the VMware Labs Fling page

• unzip the downloaded VisualEsxtop.zip file

• open the folder

• run “visualesxtop.bat”

• open “File” – “connect to Live Server”

• enter IP-address or FQDN from your ESXi Host + username (root)/password

• Done!

Some benefits from VisualEsxtop compared with ESXTOP:

You can use filters e.g. if you want to monitor a specific virtual machine:

You can save data to a batchfile and also load batch output (File – Save a batch file | File – Load Batch output)

…and it is possible to create charts:

And last but not least – it is easy to use because it is a visual interface 🙂

If you need more information about the metrics and thresholds of ESXTOP and VisualESXTOP take a look at the vSphere 5 ESXTOP quick Overview for Troubleshooting diagram.

In this diagram you will find the thresholds and a short explanation about the most frequently-used metrics for troubleshooting:

If you want to run VisualEsxtop on your Mac OS X – take a look at How to Run VMware’s Fling VisualEsxtop on Mac OS X

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