New Veeam Backup & Replications v7 feature announced: Virtual Lab for VMware Replicas

At the moment Veeam is running a countdown, announcing new features from Veeam Backup & Replications v7.

Up to now seven new features were presented to the public:

#1 vCloud Director
#2 vSphere Web Client
#3 Veeam Explorer for MS SharePoint
#4 Virtual Lab for Hyper-V
#5 Archive to Tape
#6 Enhanced 1-Click Restore
#7 Virtual Lab for VMware Replicas

Feature number seven was the most exciting one for me. It enables you to create a functional but isolated copy of your production environment – or as Veeam says: Put your replicas to work.

If you take a look at the blog post you will see how this feature works. Veeam is using a Proxy Appliance which supports masquerading. Therefore, it is possible to connect to the virtual lab from your production network, but there is no chance for the Lab-VMs to establish a connections back as they are completely isolated.

Think about the opportunities this feature will offer to you:

• test new policies, patches and upgrades in a copy of your production environment without fear
• train and instruct new colleagues in a live environment
• troubleshoot issues without endangering your production
• try new software
• …

In the next days Veeam will announce some more new features – you can sign up for updates here: Veeam Backup & Replications v7.

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