Snapwatcher – free tool to manage snapshots (and fix snapshot problems)

Snapshots are a great, useful and indispensable feature.

You can use them to preserve the state of a virtual machine and return to the same state repeatedly if you want. Also backup solutions are based on the snapshot technology.

But as a virtualization admin you also know the other side… broken snapshot chains, failed “remove snapshot operations”, wasted snapshot space, and so on.

And you also know, that it is hard work to keep an eye on all the open snapshots, which are wasting space and impacting the performance of your virtual machines.

With the free tool “Snapwatcher” Opvizor enables you to manage snapshots easier.
And the best: to detect and fix invalid or broken snapshots!

To fix invalid snapshots the tool uses a variety of known methods as workarounds, consolidation and even detecting locking hosts.

Of course deleting and fixing snapshots is tracked, just as the tool shows you how many space is freed up.

Some admins may be surprised how many space they waste for snapshots.

The tool is easy to use and offers a comfortable design. As an it example, it is possible to change the position of the widgets in the dashbord as desired.

At the moment Snapwatch is available as a beta product.

If you want to learn more about the tool take a look at this short video or visit the Opvizor website:

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    Thanks for blogging about us! We currently have a Promo running for just $199 incl. 3 years maintenance and support at

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