HPE DL380 Gen9 “Starting drivers Please wait” (P89 BIOS v2.4x in combination with a MicroSD USB Kit)

This issue can have various causes – the following sources will help you:


After deploying HPE SPP07/2017 or SPP04/2017 to an HP DL380 Gen9 Server with an installed HPE Dual 8GB MicroSD EM USB Kit you experience the following error:

The server stops during early BIOS boot sequence with Starting drivers. Please wait, this may take a few moments…”

HPE DL380 Gen9 starting drivers

It seems, that there is an incompatibility between BIOS B89 v2.40 (SPP04/2017) or BIOS B89 v2.42 (SPP07/2017) in combination with the HPE Dual 8GB MicroSD EM USB Kit Firmware Version

Resolution is to update the firmware version of the HPE Dual 8GB MicroSD EM USB Kit to (Downloadlink: CP032103)

How to upgrade:

  • Download the firmware -> cp032103.exe
  • extract the content of cp032103.exe to C:\temp
  • connect to your ESXi host via putty (login as root)
  • place the extracted files in a tmp directory
  • mark the .vmexe file as executable using the following command: chmod +x cp032103.vmexe
  • execute cp032103.vmexe using the command ./cp032103.vmexe
  • Follow the dialog (see the example in the screenshot below):

Now the Firmware Version of the USB Kit should be as follows:

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