Veeam Backup & Replication: questions and answers

Here you can find a collection of possible (basic) questions that might arise during the installation/configuration of Veeam Backup & Replication. Some of them are really basic ones. But nevertheless, maybe they are helpful for you and save you some time searching the web.

I put this unsorted list of questions together as they are answered really quickly and it makes no sense to write a dedicated blog post for each one.

I will maintain the list if there are changes with newer versions, and of course, I will add more questions/answers if necessary.

  • There is a (+1) in the End Time field of a backup job. What does it mean?

A (+1) in the End Time field means, that the job finished on the following day. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem calculating the duration when exceeding the day boundary:

FAQ Veeam Backup and Replicaton +1 End time date

  • I add a VM to a second backup job. Does Veeam recognize that there is already backup data available from an existing backup job?

When you add one VM to two different jobs the backup will be processed twice independently from each other. The second backup job will not use any data from the first one.


  • I move a VM from one backup job to another. Will the existing backup data be moved, too?

No. The VM data remains in the associated folders as long as configured in the retention policy of this job. When the job with the newly added VM runs for the first time, Veeam performs a Full Backup and treats it like a completely new VM.


  • I rename the display name of a VM which is assigned to a backup job. Will Veeam perform a full or an incremental backup when executing the job the next time?

Veeam recognizes the new name and performs an Incremental Backup


  • I rename a backup job. Will the folder in the repository be renamed, too?

No. Unfortunately, the folder in the repository will not be renamed automatically. If you want them to match read on here:  How to rename a Veeam Backup Job and the associated backup folders


  • What is the difference between the various types of Veeam backup transport modes? Which backup transport mode should I choose?

Read about the different Veeam backup transport modes here:  Veeam backup transport modes – all you need to know


  • After removing/adding a backup proxy I get the following error message: Veeam Proxy busy or outdated

I noticed this error due to orphaned records in the database. A reboot of the Veeam Backup & Replication Server fixed it for me.


  • Task failed Error: Object with reference [… ] was not found in hierarchy cache

This error occurs if you delete a virtual machine which is firmly added to a Veeam backup job. Veeam will not remove deleted VMs automatically if you added them manually. Use dynamic collections (eg. tags) if you do not want to manage your jobs by hand.

  • „Network traffic will be encrypted“ message in Backup Job Log

When you use public IPs for your VMs, Veeam enables encryption for the network traffic by default. You can disable encryption with the following registry key (read more in Veeam KB 2055)

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Veeam\Veeam Backup and Replication\
DWORD: DisablePublicIPTrafficEncryption
Value: 1

Note: a restart oft he Veeam Backup Service is necessary

  • SQL Backup of a database with a name ending in a space character

This is an annoying problem. If you perform a backup of a database with a name ending in a space character, the database will be backed up in a crash-consistent state only. In this case, the job status will be displayed as „Warning“ with the following message:

“SQL VSS Writer is missing: databases will be backed up in crash-consistent state and transaction log processing will be skipped”

The solution is to rename the database to a new name without a space in it.

  • Backup Copy Job changes reverse incremental backups to forward incremental backups

VMs backed up with the reverse incremental backup method are changing to forward incremental backups when replicated with a backup copy job. This is by design as the backup copy job chain starts with a full backup and all further restore points are incremental (.vib files).

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