Veeam ONE v8 vCenter user minimum permissions

Veeam ONEUp to version Veeam ONE 7 the account used for connecting Veeam ONE to a vCenter only required „Read-only“ permissions as a minimum.

This has changed with Veeam ONE v8.

For example, the software now uses the new CIM-SMASH protocol to collect hardware sensors data.

The account used for connection to vCenter must have at least the permissions as described in the How-to below.

How to edit a role with minimum rights for Veeam ONE v8:

  • open the vSphere Web Client
  • change to Home – Administration – Roles
  • right-click the Read-only role and choose „Clone…“
  • edit the role name (eg. Veeam_v8)


Now add the following permissions to the new role:

  • Host – CIM – CIM Interaction
  • Host – Configuration – Connection
  • VirtualMachine – Interaction – AnswerQuestion
  • VirtualMachine – Interaction – Console Interaction
  • Global – Manage custom attributes
  • Global – Set custom attributes
  • Global – Licenses
  • Datastore – Browse datastore

Save the settings and apply the new role to the vCenter User – done!

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