Virtualization Blogs 2015 by the numbers

Exactly one year ago I published “Virtualization Blogs 2014 by the numbers“. In comparison to last year some numbers changed to the positive as well as negative side:

In 2014 I counted the number of posts published by about 300 virtualization blogs. For the year 2015 I had to take more than 400 vblogs into consideration!

But sadly I noticed, that 43 blogs which were still active in 2014 have stopped publishing content (not even one post) or are no longer available.

And here as a comparison some other values:

2014 2015
total number of blogs 300 425
total number of blog posts 10834 12986
number of blogs published >51 posts (=1+ posts per week) 57 62
number of blogs published >100 posts 28 25
number of blogs published >200 posts 6 6
number of blogs published >300 posts 4 1
blogs no longer available or no posts N/A 43

You can find the exact numbers for every single blog in the vBlog Database. The column “Blogposts 2015” is already available there.

One real surprise for me was the blog written by Marc Huppert ( when I was evaluating the blog post numbers. I counted twice and asked him on Twitter to confirm the number. He published 1523 blog posts in 2015!

But if you take a look at the numbers, please remember that the number of blog posts is only one indicator for a blog. I think, that good blogs are based on the elements quality, frequency, length and longevity.

Have fun with the stats!

By the way, the vBlog diagrams are updated, too!

vblog diagrams

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