VMworld 2019 Barcelona – all parties, gatherings, events and activities

And so it is time to publish the VMworld 2019 Europe Partylist, showing all parties, gatherings, events and activities. The list will help you to plan your evening and nights during the conference in Barcelona.

Enjoy the selection of great events!

Important: please do only register for events you really plan to attend! Organizing such an activity is a lot of work and costs many $$$. Beside that you may block a seat somebody else is really looking for.

If an event is missing please leave a comment or ping me on Twitter (@lessi001).

Last Partylist update: October, 10th 2019

Manfred Hofer over at http://www.vbrain.info will maintain a list of parties and events for VMworld 2019, too. So check it out! Maybe he knows from a party that is missing here.

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