Zerto Virtual Replication 4.5 is available

Today Zerto announced the availability of Zerto Virtual Replication 4.5.

Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) is the flagship product of the company.

This hypervisor-based replication solution is currently the first and only one that delivers enterprise-class, virtual replication and BC/DR capabilities for the data center and the cloud.

Brief overview:

Responsible for the replication of the user-selected virtual machines is the Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA).

The VRA is a virtual machine that is automatically deployed on every physical host (Hyper-V and/or ESXi host).

Being installed directly  inside the virtual infrastructure enables the VRA to tap into the virtual machines I/O stream. Each write command of a virtual machine is captured, cloned and sent to the the recovery site. This means that in Zerto’s solution replication works at the VM level and not at the storage array level.

The advantage of this replication method is, that there is no need of snapshots at the hypervisor level and its fully storage hardware agnostic.

All VRA’s are managed by the Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) which connects directly to the vCenter Server (and/or SCVMM from Microsoft).


One big advantage of this solution is the incredible interoperability (cross-replication, multi-hypervisor support)! It supports for example replication from VMware vSphere to Microsoft Hyper-V (and vice-versa) or from Hyper-V/ESXi to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Disaster Recovery.

If you want to learn more about ZVR then I suggest you to read the Hypervisor-Based Replication Deep Dive Whitepaper or you take a look into the sources mentioned below.

But what enhancements can you expect to find in Version 4.5?

  • new Installer
  • more VRA deployment capabilities (eg. VRA deployment automation with PowerShell,…)
  • Role Based Access Control (eg. Active Directory Integration,…)
  • Journal File Level Restore (allows recovery of individual files from a journal)
  • S3 Server Side Encryption in AWS
  • Compressed Journal
  • Feature Resiliency Improvements
  • new APIs/API Automation

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ZertoCON 2016:

By the way, from May, 23 to May 25 Zerto’s first three day conference ZertoCON will take place in Boston, MA. Read more about this event here: ZertoCON 2016

ZertoCon 2016

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