How to – get rid of NetApp VSC custom attributes

If you have installed NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC), you will see some custom attributes in your vCenter:

  • PnC.CustSpec
  • PnC.Deployed
  • PnC.GroupID
  • PnC.Source


These attributes refer to Provisioning & Cloning – if you do not use this feature or if you do not use the VSC anymore, you can delete them without any concerns.

Delete PnC custom attributes using PowerCLI:

Connect-VIServer your_vCenter_server

Remove-CustomAttribute -CustomAttribute “PnC.CustSpec”, “PnC.Deployed”, “PnC.GroupID”, “PnC.Source” -Confirm:$false

Or delete them via your vCenter Client:

Open “Administration” – “Custom Attributes” in your vSphere Client, select an attribute and click “Remove”:


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