How to – get rid of the “SSH for the host has been enabled” warning…

If you enable SSH access to an ESXi Host, a yellow warning triangle will be displayed in vCenter and you will see the warning message: “SSH for the host has been enabled” in the summary tab:

As this is really annoying you may want to suppress this information:

How to:

• select the ESXi host in your vCenter
• change to the “configuration tab”
• open “advanced settings”
• look for “UserVars” and change the value “UserVars.SuppressShellWarning” to 1
• say ok
• done!


  1. Meyli

    Thanks for the article – h8 that triangle…


  2. Sam

    Thanks! Nobody likes stupid warning alerts for stuff like that.

  3. sdf

    this doesn’t show how to clear the warning. this shows how to hide the warning. how do you clear the warning? restarting management agents doesnt do anything for me.

  4. sdf

    if you set this attribute back to 0 the warning comes back which means its not resolved. sweeping it under the rug is not beneficial

  5. danielj

    you have to login the ESXI server that’s giving the warning and go into configuration and “disable it”

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