How to install a HP CPxxxxxx.scexe firmware update on your ESXi Host

You want to run a HP CPxxxxxx.scexe firmware update file on your ESXi Host and it doesn’t work?

Follow the steps below to make it happen – most problems are caused by the missing executable permission:

  • enable SSH on your ESXi host (configuration tab, Security Profile, Properties)
  • copy the CPxxxxxx.scexe file to /tmp on your ESXi Host using eg. WinSCP
  • logon as root at your ESXi host and change to /tmp
  • check with “ls” if your CP file is there
  • change file permission to executable: “chmod +x CPxxxxxx.scexe”
  • now run the file: “./CPxxxxxx.scexe”


Once complete reboot the ESXi host – done!

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