HPE ProLiant Server End of Service Life (EOSL) and Retired Matrix

As far as I know, HPE is not offering any publicly available lifecycle matrix for their HPE ProLiant Server family.

Lifecycle Matrix HPE Server ProliantSo I have tried to put together the “Retired” and “End of Service Life” dates for HPE ProLiant G6 – Gen10 Servers in the following lifecycle matrix.

Source of information were various threads in forums (eg. HPE community forum) and input from HPE representatives/Support.

HPE ProLiant G6 Server Family

ServerRetired (=End of Sale)End of Service Life (EOSL)
BL2x220c G630/04/201130/04/2016
BL460c G630/06/201130/06/2016
BL465c G631/12/201031/12/2015
BL490c G631/03/201131/03/2016
BL685c G631/03/201131/03/2016
DL120 G601/02/200801/02/2013
DL160 G628/02/201328/02/2018
DL165 G601/03/201001/03/2015
DL180 G628/02/201328/02/2018
DL320 G601/06/200801/06/2012
DL360 G609/07/201109/07/2016
DL380 G630/04/201130/04/2016
DL385 G631/12/201031/12/2015
DL585 G6??

HPE ProLiant G7 Server Family

ServerRetired (=End of Sale)End of Service Life (EOSL)
BL2x220c G731/10/201231/10/2017
BL460c G728/02/201328/02/2018
BL465c G731/12/201231/12/2017
BL490c G731/12/201231/12/2017
BL620c G731/03/201131/03/2016
BL680c G731/03/201131/03/2016
BL685c G725/10/201625/10/2021
DL120 G701/02/200801/02/2013
DL165 G701/03/201001/03/2015
DL360 G730/04/201330/04/2018
DL380 G730/04/201330/04/2018
DL385 G730/04/201330/04/2018
DL385 G730/04/201330/04/2018
DL580 G716/08/201616/08/2021
DL585 G7??
DL980 G7??
ML110 G730/07/201330/07/2018

HPE ProLiant Gen8 Server Family

ServerRetired (=End of Sale)End of Service Life (EOSL)
BL240C Gen8??
BL420c Gen818/11/201618/11/2021
BL460C Gen802/08/201602/08/2021
BL465C Gen818/11/201618/11/2021
BL660C Gen8??
WS460C Gen8??
DL320e Gen8 V116/08/201616/08/2021
DL320e Gen8 v231/10/201631/10/2021
DL360e Gen816/08/201616/08/2021
DL360p Gen813/06/201613/06/2021
DL380e Gen816/08/201616/08/2021
DL380p Gen813/06/201613/06/2021
DL385p Gen8??
DL460 Gen8??
DL560 Gen8??
DL580 Gen830/09/201630/09/2021
ML10 Gen8??
ML310e Gen8 V1??
ML310e Gen8 V2??
ML350e Gen8 V1??
ML350e Gen8 V217/08/201617/08/2021
ML350p Gen817/08/201617/08/2021
SL250s Gen8??
SL270s Gen8??
SL4540 Gen8??

HPE ProLiant Gen9 Server Family

ServerRetired (=End of Sale)End of Service Life (EOSL)
BL420c Gen9?
BL460c Gen930/04/201830/04/2023
BL465c Gen9?
BL660c Gen931/01/201931/01/2024
DL20 Gen9?
DL60 Gen9?
DL80 Gen9?
DL120 Gen9?
DL160 Gen931/01/201731/01/2022
DL180 Gen9?
DL360 Gen931/10/201831/10/2023
DL380 Gen931/01/202031/01/2025
DL560 Gen931/10/201831/10/2023
DL580 Gen931/05/201931/05/2024
ML10 Gen930/04/201830/04/2023
ML30 Gen931/07/201831/07/2023
ML110 Gen9?
ML150 Gen931/07/201831/07/2023
ML350 Gen931/07/201831/07/2023

HPE ProLiant Gen10 Server Family

ServerRetired (=End of Sale)End of Service Life (EOSL)
DL385 Gen10current version
DL580 Gen10current version
DL560 Gen10current version
DL380 Gen10current version
DL360 Gen10current version
ML110 Gen10current version
ML350 Gen10current version
Microserver Gen10current version

If you can provide missing details please leave a comment or ping me on Twitter (@lessi001). As I was not able to prove every single dataset there may also be an error in the table. If you find one, please let me know.


  1. Steven Malmgren

    Hey Andreas,

    Hope you are well. I am a representative at HPE IT Asset Life-cycle Solutions. We now have a division within HPE that is able to provide all EOL HPE products from Gen 8 all the way through Alpha Digital equipment. Everything you have on here that has gone End of Life is still available as Certified Pre-Owned Equipment that is tested and audited through HPE and is re marketed for sale. All of these also have warranty availability!

    The best way to get these products is to go to the source to know that it is Certified Pre-Owned through HPE. We partner with alot of VARs and they have the ability to work directly with us or we can work directly with end users.

  2. Bachi

    Dear Team,

    I also has the same question what’s End of Service Life of DL360 G9. Could please tell me how can i get this information.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Koja

    Thanks for the list!

    Any new regarding EoXX for C7000 blade enclosure?


  4. Zoltan Jakab

    Hi together,

    could you figure out the EoSL of the DL360 G9?


  5. László Bortel

    Please update BL460c Gen9: AFAIK it became EOS by 28/02/2019.

  6. sreenath

    Please update the EOL of the PROLIANT DL380 GEN9

  7. Max

    What are the EOL for:

    DL320 G7
    DL980 G7
    DL120 G8
    DL320 G9
    DL120 G9
    DL580 G9

  8. Bill

    i was wondering where you got this info:
    DL380e Gen8 16/08/2016 16/08/2021
    DL380p Gen8 13/06/2016 13/06/2021

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