New design and logo for

Since I started blogging back in 2010 I designed the logos by myself, using a high-quality graphics program called paint. Also, the design of my websites was always very similar.

This was the theme of my very first blog, established 2010. It was written in German. I abandoned the site some months ago to focus on

At the beginning of this year, I decided to revise the logo for

I awarded TeamGraphika with this mission as I have had already a good experience with them designing my ESXTOP Troubleshooting poster for vSphere 6 for a moderate price.

I selected the Business package for 49 Dollar, as it includes six design concepts and unlimited revisions.

And it did pay off because over the months I asked them for many different studies :-).

Here you can see the old logo and design of

Beside other themes, I experimented with robots and even a Charly Chaplin (reflecting his film “Modern Times” from 1933). TeamGraphika really worked hard to implement my ideas but in the end, I was always unhappy.

But now, more than half a year after placing the order, I think that I found a suitable new logo for my blog.

It still contains the gear wheels with the little running man. But in my opinion in a modern and deliberately kept simple style. with the new design and the brand new logo

When implementing the new logo it was of course also necessary to modify the WordPress theme’s color style.

I am quite sure, that I will make some more minor changes to the blog in the next few weeks – but for now, I am really happy with the new design.

If you have suggestions for improvement or criticism please let me know! You can write me on Twitter or just leave a comment here.



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