HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen9 BIOS P92 v2.30 introduces 2+2 Redundancy Power Supply Mode

The latest Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) Version 2016.10.0 introduced an important BIOS Upgrade for ML350 Gen9 Server when using four power supplies.

With the older BIOS Version, the Redundant Power Supply Mode was configured per default for 3+1 Redundancy.

This means, that if you lose one out of four power supplies everything is still fine.
But a problem arises if you lose a second power supply. Because then the server shuts down immediately as the redundancy rule is violated.

A big problem, because server racks very often only have two separate power circuits. Losing the wrong power circuit will shut down your server if you run the 3+1 redundancy. Same problem with your UPS…

New with P92 v2.30: the 2+2 redundancy mode


But fortunately the new BIOS for ML350 Server (BIOS P92 version 2.30) allows you to choose between a 3+1 redundancy and a 2+2 redundancy mode:

  • Install the latest Service Pack SPP 2016.10.0


  • Press F9 during boot up in order to access your server BIOS
  • select “Advanced Options”


  • select “Redundant Power Supply Mode” and choose between “Configured for 2+2 Redundancy” and “Configured for 3+1 Redundancy”


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