“Unsupported hardware family vmx-10” during OVF import

When you deploy an OVF Template you get the following error:

The OVF package requires unsupported hardware
Unsupported hardware family vmx-10

This error is related to the virtual hardware version configured for the OVF template – it is not supported by the used vSphere version.

Fortunately there is a workaround you can try:

Step 1 – edit the ovf file:

  • open the .ovf file with an editor
  • find the line <vssd:VirtualSystemType>vmx-10</vssd:VirtualSystemType>
  • change vmx-10 to eg. vmx-07 (or another hw-version working with your ESXi)
  • save the changes

Step 2 – calculate SHA-1 and change .mf file:

Now you have to replace the corresponding SHA-1 of the edited OVF file in the .mf file:

If you have a hashing utility, calculate the SHA-1 of the edited .ovf file and replace the hash in the .mf file.
Then the import of the OVF Template should work without any problems/errors.

If you do not have an hashing utility, download one. You can use eg. “HashmyFiles” from NirSoft if you want.


  1. Ryan

    Thanks for this, worked!

  2. Valdecir Carvalho

    Hi there Andreas! Thanks a lot for this post! It saved my life today. I had to convert a OVF from 6.X to 5.5 and it works great!
    Once again! Thank you very much!

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