vCenter Server permissions to modify virtual machine network settings

You think you have set all permissions to allow a vCenter User to change/modify the network settings of a virtual machine, but you still get the  following error:

This host does not have any virtual machine networks, or you don’t have the permission to access them. To configure a network for virtual machines, go to the host’s Configuration tab, click the Networking section,…“?


I am sure, that the role you use has the following settings:

  • Network – Assign Network
  • Virtual Machine – Configuration – Modify device settings
  • Virtual Machine – Configuration – Settings

And I am sure, that you have assigned the role to the virtual machine…

But did you assign the permission to the switch itself, too?

Open: Home – Inventory – Networking and assign the permissions to the Network Label.



  1. Eric

    Thank you!!! I was going crazy due this…

  2. Burns

    Thanks – stupid VMware KB missing the last step. Idiots. Lifesaver man!

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