Veeam Backup & Replication v7 with Built-in WAN Acceleration

Over the past few month Veeam announced a lot of new features coming with Veeam Backup & Replication v7.

One exciting feature coming with v7 is eg. “Virtual Lab for VMware Replicas”, which will offer a lot of great opportunities for your daily work.

But there is another key innovation which is very impressing – Veeam will include WAN acceleration in v7.

If you have to copy your backups to an offsite location you can now do it up to 50x faster! This is possible because the WAN accelerator uses technologies such as traffic compression, global caching, variable length dedupe, resume on disconnect and some TCP/IP optimizations.

At the moment, WAN acceleration is only available for backup copy jobs – but Veeam is taking steps to make it available for replication jobs in a future release, too.

Please note: the built-in WAN Acceleration is a feature only available in the Enterprise Plus Version.

But if you buy the Enterprise edition before July 1st you can upgrade to the Enterprise Plus for free as soon as it is available – and get among other things this feature for free!

You will find more information about this special offer here: ” Buy before July 1st to save”

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