VMware vCenter Standalone Converter 5.1: now supporting Server 2012, Windows 8 & more

About one month ago a new VMware vCenter Converter Standalone was released.

You will find the release note for build 1087880 here, respectively you can download the Converter Standalone SDK 5.1 from here. In contrast to the past it is only available in English.

The new version has some interesting innovations:

• it supports Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
• support for machines with GUID Partition Table disks (GPT) – long awaited!
• and support for machines with UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)
• support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
• support for virtual hardware version 9
• …

If you have to convert older operating systems (like Microsoft Windows Server 2000, NT,…) you should backup your older versions of VMware Converter Standalone, because this version is only supporting Microsoft Server 2003 and newer.


Releasenote VMware COnverter Standalone 5.1
Download VMware Converter Standalone SDK 5.1

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