Vote for your favorite virtualization blogs 2015!

It’s time to vote!

Every year in February Eric Siebert (@ericsiebert) organizes the annual Top vBlog voting at his site
You can vote for every blog listed in the vLaunchpad – with more than 300 blogs the best source of virtualization links ever.

My blog is one of them, and at the blog voting last year I finished up in an unfortunate 101th place (barely missed the top 100…).

So my goal for 2015 is to make it at least to place 100 – therefore I need your help!

If you like the blog/articles and find them useful please take a minute and vote for it:

Place your vote now!

This year Infinio is so kind to sponsor the contest. Maybe you want to follow them on twitter (@Infinio) or take a look at their website/products.

They provide some really great prices this year: beautifully designed commemorative coins. Unfortunately only for the first 50 places…

Some blogs I read regularly are listed below. This should not be a recommendation for voting – but maybe you like them, too 🙂

Manfred Hofer –
Vladan Seget –
Andrea Mauro –
William Lam –
Cormac Hogan –


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