Win a full pass to VeeamON 2017 in New Orleans!

Veeam was so kind to treat me a full pass to VeeamON 2017 to give it away in a blog/twitter raffle.

Win a conference pass to VeeamON 2017VeeamON is the world’s largest event entirely focused on Availability and will take place from May 16 to 18, 2017 in New Orleans.

You can read more about the conference in my blog post “VeeamON 2017 – a big experience in The Big Easy“.

I thought a long time about how I could raffle the conference pass. Finally, my kids got the answer. We had a lot of funny conversations where I tried to explain to my kids what I do at work, respectively “what is virtualization?”.

So the challenge to enter the competition is:

Explain Virtualization to a kid


To make it fair, let’s specify “kid” as a ~9 years old 🙂 Leave your (short) explanation in the comments and do not forget to enter your email address.

I will read out all entries to my children and they will select the best explanation = winner of the conference pass.

I am really looking forward to your creative inspirations and maybe we meet soon in New Orleans!

Competition is open until April, 5th 2017 – so hurry on!

Want to win a fully paid trip?

Here is another great chance offered by Veeam.  Win a fully paid trip by taking a quiz: Win the ultimate trip to New Orleans for VeeamON 2017

VeeamON 2017

Disclaimer: the prize shall consist of free entry (Registration Only) to VeeamON 2017, offers subject to availability. Competition is open until April, 5th 2017.



  1. Jon Ludwig

    This is how I explain server virtualization to non-tech people:

    It’s like an apartment building. You have the building itself (the host) and inside are a number of different apartments that are separate units. These are the virtualized servers. Each apartment (or server) has it’s own distinct family and activities going on that don’t rely on each other. One apartment is cooking dinner (or running exchange), while another is watching TV (or running your ERP).

    Everyone living in the apartment uses the same front door (which is the equivalent to your NIC) to come and go.

  2. Natti

    It’s like a bus, each seat represents a single server (VM), and everyone can get resources shared like fuel, AC, Driver fare etc.

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