Error: Unable to apply DRS resource settings on Host

If you see an error like:

“Unable to apply DRS resource settings on Host. Another task is already in progress. This can significantly reduce the effectiveness of DRS.”

in your ESXi Host logs, then take a closer look at the virtual machines running on this host.
Most likely one of the VMs tried to install the VMWare tools and an error occured.

You can cancel the installation by right-clicking on the VM – “Guest” – “End VMware Tools Install”:


  1. pradeep

    after this also the same error is showing please help me to solve with out moving of vms into another host

  2. Hasan KATMAN

    End vmware tools my problem solved. Thanks

  3. Esra Dursun Koç

    Turn OFF vSphere DRS and Turn ON vSphere DRS

  4. Robert van den Nieuwendijk

    Be very careful with turning off DRS.

    When DRS is disabled, the cluster’s resource pool hierarchy and affinity rules are not reestablished when DRS is turned back on. So if you disable DRS, the resource pools are removed from the cluster. To avoid losing the resource pools, instead of disabling DRS, you should suspend it by changing the DRS automation level to manual (and disabling any virtual machine overrides). This prevents automatic DRS actions, but preserves the resource pool hierarchy.

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