How to – build a nested lab on a HP DL380 G5 Server – Step 1

Configure BIOS Settings and build two arrays

The first thing you have to do of course, is wiring and connecting your physical hardware.
Next you will have to set some BIOS settings and build two arrays – here is the battle plan:

• update your HP DL380 G5 using the latest drivers and firmware

• use the array configuration tool during startup to configure two arrays
(using Raid 5) with 400 GB each:

– Array 1 will be used for the 4 VMs you can see in the diagramm in the area called “nested lab”
– Array 2 will be used to provide a shared storage for our nested ESXi hosts (vLUN01 and vLUN02)

• change the following BIOS settings if necessary:
– internal USB Controller -> enabled
– No-Execute Memory Protection -> enabled
– Intel(R) Virtualization Technology -> enabled
– Intel(R) Hyperthreading Options -> enabled
– Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology -> enabled
– Intel(R) VT-d -> enabled
– HP Power Profile -> maximum Performance

OK, first step is done!

Go to Step 2 – install ESXi 5.1 on your HP DL380 Server >>>

Step 1 – configure BIOS Settings and build two arrays
Step 2 – install ESXi 5.1 on your HP DL380 Server
Step 3 – install and configure vSphere 5.1 vCenter Appliance
Step 4 – install the openfiler 2.99
Step 5 – configure the openfiler to provide NFS Shares
Step 6 – Install the nested ESXi Hosts for our LAB environment

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