How to – build a nested lab on a HP DL380 G5 Server – Step 5

Configure the Openfiler to provide NFS Shares:

After you have logged in to your Openfiler configuration dashboard (using the User: “openfiler” with password: “password”) select “Volumes”, “Block Devices” and the disc “/dev/sdb”:

Now change the “partition type” to “Physical volume” and select “create”:

In the next step select a volume group name (in our example: vLUN01):

Now repeat this steps for the second disc “/dev/sdc” (vLUN02):

To create a new filesystem volume select “shares” and “create a new filesystem volume”:

In this window you can define the space for the volume and a filesystem/volume type.
In this example we use Ext3 – but of course you can use any filesystem you want:

Repeat these steps to create a volume vLUN02!

Now it is time to enable the NFS Server service. Select “Services” and change the “Modify Boot value” from the NFS Server Service to “Enable”. Do not forget to click “Start” to bring the service up and running:

It is necessary to configure the network access configuration to allow our lab environment access to the Openfiler.
Select “System” and add your network to the access list:

To provide a share select “Shares” and one of the provided volumes (eg: vLUN02) – this will create a sub-folder:

Select the created sub-folder and “Make Share”:

Change the “Share Access Control Mode” to Public guest access (of course you can use the “controlled access”, too if you want. But for the LAB “Public guest access is secure enough):

Then change the host access configuration for NFS to RW – repeat these steps for the second volume, too:

After completing these steps the openfiler provides two NFS Shares to your LAB environment (vLUN01 and vLUN02)!

Go to Step 6 – Install the nested ESXi Hosts for our LAB environment >>>

Step 1 – configure BIOS Settings and build two arrays
Step 2 – install ESXi 5.1 on your HP DL380 Server
Step 3 – install and configure vSphere 5.1 vCenter Appliance
Step 4 – install the openfiler 2.99
Step 5 – configure the openfiler to provide NFS Shares
Step 6 – Install the nested ESXi Hosts for our LAB environment

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