Using a Windows NFS share with ESXi 5 – error: the mount request was denied

You get one of the errors below when you try to add a windows 2008 or 2012 server NFS share to your ESXi 5 host?

Take care that your NFS server supports NFSv3 over TCP:

  • The mount request was denied by the NFS server
  • The NFS server denied the mount request

As stated in VMware KB 1005948 ESXi does not use UDP for NFS – so you have to ensure that your NFS server supports NFSv3 over TCP.

If you want to change this for your windows 2012 NFS server open the “services for network file system” manager (nfsmgmt.msc) and open the properties for the NFS server.

In the tab “Server Settings” enable the “NFS version 3 support” and change the protocol from TCP-UDP to TCP.

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