No CPU and memory usage data from host available in vCenter

Sometimes it happens that the cpu and memory usage of individual ESXi 5.0 hosts will not be available in the vCenter:

Solution (respectivaly a workaround):

In this case a restart of the management agents will help to solve the problem.

Just login to the console and press F2 “Customize System/View Logs” to switch to “System Customizaton”:

Now select “Troubleshooting Options” and then “Restart Management Agents”:

It lasts about a minute till the data will be presented in the vCenter as usual.


  1. Thomas

    Thx for this post! After an update from vCenter 5.1 to 5.5 the vCenter-VM and several other VMs stopped reporting performance data and the Real-time-option was missing in the “Performance-Advanced” menu.

    After reading this post, I realized that one host had the issue described above. “Restart Management Agents” solved the Problem.

  2. Mohd Fiyaz

    Will this process effects normal working of VMS on Host

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